Upcoming projects
K Details Assembly Slender: Identity 2015
by ACagliano ClrHome Staff
An original Slender series for the TI calculator, based on the hit game Slender: The Eight Pages and Slender: The Arrival. This game's mechanics are exactly the same as the original PC game: wander through a seemingly-endless forest at night, trying to collect eight objects while trying not to be caught by the Slenderman.

Slenderman is the property of Eric Knudsen who started the myth. This game qualifies as fair use under the terms of the DMCA. No copyright infringement intended.
K Details z80 Polynomials AIO v2 2014
by ACagliano ClrHome Staff
Some of you may be familiar with the Polynomial Math Utility I released two years ago, and the Polynomials All-In-One utility I released last year that was a significant upgrade.

I have come to realize that the Polynomials AIO v1 tool has serious drawbacks. Chief among them was the program's apparent inability to handle anything other than polynomials of format ax^n. This means that fractions of polynomials, as well as doing more than two operations with them, was not supported.

Consequentially, I began an entire re-write of the program's core. I have abandoned TI-Basic, in favor of pure Assembly, allowing the program to process and calculate much faster than before. Additionally, an symbol-capable 'operator precedence parser' will be used to ensure that polynomial expressions get processed in correct order of operations. Additionally, the program will be able to handle expressions containing several variables, not just x.

This program will utilize the DoorsCS7 GUI functions to create a windowed-interface for inputting the equation and selecting what operations to perform. (This means you will also need to install DoorsCS 7.1 on your calculator to use this program.) Unlike its predecessors, this program will have the ability to actually do more than one function with an equation, without reentering it and selecting a new operation. You simply check off everything you want calculated for the equation, and hit submit (a basic polynomial simplification will occur if nothing else is selected).

As an input, you are allowed to set one polynomial equal to another, like so: 3x^2 + 1 = 4x - 1. In this case, the first action the program will perform is to get the equation in form 0=poly. So, in the above example, that would be 0=-3x^2 + 4x. This is to make it easier to perform other functions, such as finding zeroes and derivatives and integrals.

Like its predecessor, this program will perform basic simplification, derivative, integral, solving for the zeroes, finding local minima and maxima values, and finding points of inflection.

Progress on this is coming slowly, but steadily. Anyone with a knowledge of Assembly who is willing to assist may email me at the address below. Same for anyone willing to beta test.

Email: bluiitalian09@aol.com.

This program is being made for my girlfriend, who inspires me every day to be better and to work harder, and to be a better person. <3
K Details Assembly Star Trek MP 2013
by ACagliano ClrHome Staff
Star Trek Multiplayer is the first full-feature space shooter designed for the Texas Instruments graphing calculator. Powered by global CALCnet, the calculator networking protocol designed by Kerm Martian, you can play against other calculator users over the Internet. This game emulates the feel of controlling a Star Trek starship, allowing you control over all of its systems: weapons, shields, sensors, and more. You also have the ability to buy and equip modules and to upgrade the tech installed into those modules.
K Details Assembly Amber 2013
by Xeda ClrHome Staff
Pokémon Amber is neither a clone, nor a port of a Pokémon game. It takes place 100 million years in the past, before Fossil Pokémon went extinct. After doing much research into ancient Pokémon, it is realised that we don't know the habitats of most Fossil Pokémon and there is some ambiguity in their types. What was the Pokémon world like 100 million years ago? What other Pokémon existed that have not been discovered? How have they adapted through time? These questions and more will play a key role in the development of Pokémon Amber.

Note: This game is not endorsed by Nintendo or any other Pokémon-affiliated organisation. This is just a game being developed by a fan purely for the enjoyment of others. There will be some creative liberties taken.


K Details Axe Maximum Security 2013
by Deep Thought ClrHome Staff
Trapped in a maximum-security prison against your will and without knowing why, your fate is changed by an explosion that rips open your cell. All of the guards and other inmates have mysteriously disappeared, leaving you alone to find your way out of the compound.

Passing through room by room, your journey is fraught with dangerous equipment and materials once meant to keep prisoners in check. You must navigate around vaporizing laser arcs, falling stacks of boulders, exploding crates of dynamite, gun turrets that track your movements, and dangerous liquids pouring through the walls and threatening to drown you.

There are no weapons or tools at your disposal. All you have is your own ingenuity; use it to manipulate the hazardous equipment in each level to serve your own ends, to help you escape. Find your way through the corridors and discover what happened to the compound—and why you were taken there in the first place.


K Details z80 Blast AV/Firewall 2013
by ACagliano ClrHome Staff
BlastAV will be a combination malware scanner and packet-based firewall (similar to iptables for Linux) for your Texas Instruments TI-83+ or 84+ graphing calculator. For more details, please check out the Official Project Page (still under construction).

Project on hiatus currently because the current design of CALCnet does not allow such a thing to be implemented.
K Details Axe XDE 2012
by Deep Thought ClrHome Staff
The Axe Development Environment (XDE) will be a complete on-calculator integrated development environment for Axe and possibly TI-BASIC and Grammer. Features planned include a smaller font, selection and cut/copy/paste, full syntax highlighting, and integrated sprite and image editing.

K Details Assembly Grammer 2011
by Xeda ClrHome Staff
Grammer is an interpreted programming language for the TI-83+/84+ that offers much better speed and graphics than the built in TI-BASIC. Just like TI-BASIC, you write your programs in the program editor, they are ready to run as is, and there are plenty of safety features. Unlike TI-BASIC, you have access to high speed graphics and near total reign of the calculators RAM.

K Details Assembly Zelda 2011
by ACagliano ClrHome Staff
Long has releasing a full-length, fully-playable Legend of Zelda game for the TI calculator been a dream of mine. This dream has seen several unrealized attempts...attempts that have failed due to an insufficient knowledge of assembly. However, despite the fact that my assembly abilities still are not totally honed, I am able to code better now, and recent times have seen Cemetech member "chickendude" willing to lend some assistance.

Therefore, Project Zelda is being rebooted Legend of Zelda: Into the Dark. You will play as Link to save Princess Zelda and Hyrule from Ganon's evil reign. Battle through an extensive main world and six dungeons, all the while battling enemies, finding traditional items like the hookshot and fire tunic to aid you on your quest, and learning spells to assist you as you strive to complete your goal.
K Details Axe Contra 2010
by Deep Thought ClrHome Staff
The classic NES game is now being ported to the TI-83 Plus–series calculators through Axe. This project aims to bring to graphing calculators as close a clone to the original game as possible, complete with all the famous guns, enemies, and cheats.


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